Hair Removal


La Face uses Caron specialty wax and Viva Azure Shimmer, containing Azulene and Mica to soothe, calm and assist in rapid recovery of the skin. It’s unique, strong and non brittle formula has a powerful grip, making it ideal for exceptional results removing short, coarse and stubborn hair.

Eyebrow   $30              
Lip   $25               
Lip and Eyebrow       $50               
Lip, Eyebrow and Chin   $65               
Chin $25               
Chin and Jawline $35               
Sides of Face $30               
Full Face (including eyebrows) $80               
Underarm $30               
1/2 Arm  (including hands and fingers) $45               
Full Arm (including hands and fingers) $55              
Tummy Line $25              
Stomach $35              
Bikini  $30              
High Cut Bikini $45              
Intimate Bikini Line $70              
Thigh $55              
1/2 Leg $45              
3/4 Leg $60              
Full Leg $70              
Full Leg and Bikini $100              
Full Leg and Bikini Line high cut $110              
Full Leg and Intimate Bikini $125              
Back $55              
Chest $55              



Electrolysis treatment is a progressive form of permanent hair removal and is suitable for all skin and hair types. It is excellent for treating smaller areas of the face and body. Electrolysis works via delivery of an electric current directly into the hair follicle, preventing regrowth. This treatment requires well trained and highly skilled electrolysis technicians. Fore more information please visit our blog.


Consultation - 30 minutes $55              
Single Hair Treatment $30              
5 Minutes $50              
10 Minutes $60              
15 Minutes $70              
20 Minutes $80              
30 Minutes $95              
40 Minutes  $110              
50 Minutes $135              
60 Minutes $155